Monday, May 23, 2011

LED Flashing Script (Back and Forth)

Anyways, for the time being, while you guys wait for my WiimoteIR script to be finished and released, here is a little Glovepie script you can play around with to get the LEDs on your Wiimote to flash back and forth. :P

There are several values you can change in this script. (I tell you in the comments.) If you are not using wiimote1, change that value into the wiimote you are using. The best way to check which one you are using is to run the script and see if the LEDs flash. If not, your Wiimote is either not connected correctly, or you got the wrong Wiimote. The 50 ms part of the script can also be changed. The 50 ms is the delay for how long and LED should be on or off. Decrease the number for faster and increase the number for slower.

Here is the light pattern:
and it repeats.

Here is the script:

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