Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Website Banner Completed

WiimoteIR Website Banner
So I've been working on a website banner for the project website. The banner you see on the left is going in the top left hand corner of my website on every page. :) Since I don't really have that much of an idea of how to design the project website, I think I'll be making a template similar to my ComputerSpot website. You see my ComputerSpot banner on the top left hand corner of my website right? I think I will be putting this WiimoteIR banner in the same position. The templates should be about the same.

The reason I am doing this is because I want a lot of beginners to be able to start using this script. I know a lot of you guys that worked with GlovePIE before already know how to use this, but there are a lot of beginners out there that probably don't even know what GlovePIE is. Providing the instructions so even the beginners can use it has top priority right now. I mean, I can always redesign the website later.

So please stay tuned! If you don't know where the project website is, it is here. Also, if you can not wait for my website to finish, I've added a quick start guide to my FAQ page that gives you an overview (not detailed) instructions of how to start using the script.

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